26 January 2015

Simply Monochrome

Ebay Jumper
Zara Vest
Forever 21 Coat
French Conection Rucksack

Monochrome is one of my many loves. You cant go wrong. There is something magical abut the crisp white against harsh black. I decided to break up the monochrome with thid gorgeous bag I got back when I was working at French Connection and a splash of (chipped) colour on my nails.
I also love these cropped trousers, bit nippy for this time of year though!

14 January 2015

Embellished Shorts

|| Shorts - French Connection || Jumper - Primark || Fur Scarf - French Connection || 
|| Boots - Missguided || Coat - Forever 21 ||

I have been longing to wear these shorts for a while. I actually got them as a sample at French Connection as the weather was getting quite nippy and had in mind that I would wait until summer to wear them. In the end I just decided to whack them over a pair of tights because I couldn't take them just hanging in my wardrobe all alone and unloved! The embellishment on them is beautiful, I am not sure that this exact colour combination will be used but I know they will be in stores in the summer sometime. As I have said before, these beautiful boots literally transform an outfit, at last minute I changed from the chunky boots I always seem to wear and my popped them on. 

Thank you for reading,


7 January 2015

NYE Outfit

|| Dress - French Connection || Bag - River Island (similar here) || Shoes - Topshop ||

I never got the chance to take any good photos of what I was wearing on new years eve as it was dark and I like to take pictures in natural light. I love the dress I wore so much that I had to pop it on here. It was another sample sale bargain, and is actually a bargain now at even less than half price in the sale! For new year, I went to my boyfriends cousins house for a family party, his families parties are always so much fun. I actually wore a slightly comfier, more tragic pair of shoes, I realise this now and decided not to include them this time! I also wore this beautiful fluffy clutch bag my boyfriend got me for Christmas. As you may know, I love anything fluffy.

I decided to do something different with my hair and scraped it all back loosely after straightening it and just sprayed a load of hairspray on it. It kind of looks slick as it is behind my shoulders and out of the way, but it is also kind of scruffy. I didn't think I would like it but I actually think I really do, it may be my new fix for bad hair days! I also tried editing my photos a little differently, what do you think?

Thank you for reading


4 January 2015

My Style Icon - My Grandma

After sadly loosing my Grandma last September, me and my sister Amy went through all of the photos we could find of her and scanned them in to make a slide show for all of her friends and family. We came across so many little gems which made me realise that I wanted to do a little tribute myself. With having a fashion blog and genuinely believing my Grandma was one of the most stylish ladies in the entire world, I knew I wanted to do a post about her. I have been thinking about doing this for a long time, but it was quite hard for me to do as I have still honestly not come to terms with the fact I will never see her again. I hope she doesn't mind me sharing these images on the web for the world to see, she does look amazing though. When I was selecting the images to feature, I found myself picking out quite a few sentimental ones too that just had to go in, like a couple where she is with me, and a few really lovely ones with my Grandad (you will know which ones I mean when you see them)

I have always looked up to my grandma for fashion inspiration and advice, as far back as I can remember I was always trying on her clothes, shoes and lipstick - not forgetting her pearls and clip on earrings too! She was a fabulous lady inside and out and I hope you can see that looking through these photos.

Thank you for reading,


2 January 2015

Pastel Pink and Powder Blue

|| Coat - French Connection || Blouse - Zara || Jeans - vintage Gap via charity shop ||
|| Socks - Topshop || Shoes - Topshop || Bag - French Connection ||

So this is my first post of 2015! It feels so so weird to call it that, I still feel like I belong in 2010, most likely because it was my last year of school and I wrote it on the top of a page about 2748 times a day. You may have seen this coat in another post here. I actually told myself to only wear it on special occasions, or just not too often as it is such a lovely light colour and so lovely and soft. I really don't want to get it dirty, but I can't help but wear it! I have always loved pastel pink and powder blue together, especially when paired with nudes, I just think it is such a fresh colour combination. I decided to finish the outfit off with these super cute school like shoes (I'm obviously stuck in 2010) and a good old sample sale bag which I think looks lovely against the colour of my coat. 

Thank you for reading