30 September 2014


|| Shirt - Zara || Skirt - Topshop (via eBay) || Boots - New Look || Bag - Motel Rocks ||

I am not sure whether this shirt has been on Smile at Style before as I have had it a while and I wear it loads! I always get compliments when I wear it and when I say that I bought it for £7 no one can believe it! It has a really silky feel to it and the print is just heavenly. I do apologise for the lighting in these photos, it was even a cloudy day so I don't know how on earth it got so bright! In the photo below, you cant even see my head, it is just a big ball of light! Anyway, on to the outfit again! I have definitely worn this skirt before, you may have seen it here a couple of weeks ago. Funny enough this post had really bad lighting too - I can see a trend starting and I don't like it. Camera training is necessary.    
I hope you have a lovely day,

24 September 2014

Printed Trousers and Chunky Shoes

|| Crop top - Miss Selfridge || Trousers - Miss Selfridge || Boots - H&M || Bag - Primark ||

Can you even believe how great these boots are? They are exactly what I have been looking for - chunky with a big platform yet with not too much heel so they are just comfy enough. I even wore them a whole 9 hour shift running around - how brill! Once again I apologise, my blog seems to have become some sort of Miss Selfridge shrine. I intend to fix this straight away. Sometimes when I sit down to do a blog post I end up giving myself some sort of mental block and I literally stare at the screen wondering what to write. I'm all like 'why is my post so blank?' 'I need to think of something to say!' which is never good. I always find when I try to force something out, it doesn't look natural and is simply quite boring. So I am going to leave it at this my friends.
I have a couple of outfit posts lined up so you won't notice unless you follow me on Instagram or see me panicking about it on Twitter. But whilst writing this post I am actually dying my roots by myself and I am pretty traumatised. So in a week or so look out for a hair disaster! 
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Looks like I had something to write about after all!


22 September 2014

Denim Coordinates

|| Crop top* - Verity Anne || Denim Coord* - French Connection || Bag - Primark || Boots - H&M ||

Loving this Coord atm - one of the French Connection items from my internship. I have actually been looking for something like this for a while so I was so glad when I finally got my hands on these! I am also absolutely loving my Verity Anne crochet crop top that I received at Bloggers Love Fashion Week. 

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21 September 2014

#BLFW Day 2 / OOTD

|| TOP - Miss Selfridge Sample || Dress/top - H&M || Leggings - Miss Selfridge Sample ||
|| Shoes - Primark || Feather Jacket - Miss Selfridge Sample ||

Again, I apologise for the sheer amount of Miss Selfridge in this outfit and my blog in general - its what comes with being an intern! BLFW day two was a night filled with more blogger and brand fun. However, as I was so caught up in it all this time, I didn't take as many photos as I did on the first day! I do hope though, that you enjoy the few piccies I did take of the brands that were showcasing there, my OOTD and my catwalk highlights which you can find below too. The brands that I did meet were Fever LondonRocco FashionSyreeta BaduDidi's BoutiqueFlorelliVania CoutureFYT and CoLeighton DennyNica Handbags (If you follow me on Twitter, you'll have seen I won one of their gorgeous bags! Keep your eye out for it on the blog!) and Tinki Love. Enjoy!

13 September 2014

#BLFW Day 1 / OOTD

So i have finally found time from my hectic life at the moment to blog about Bloggers fashion week. Posts have been lacking at the moment because of the severe amount of hours I've been working (Around 70 hours this week with no day off so please do forgive me!) The main thing that I loved at BLWF was the fact that I got to meet loads of lovely people. It was great to be able to talk and connect with brands but I have to say that it was a little disappointing to see that a lot of the brands that were supposed to be there decided to do a no-show! However, the brands that I did get talking to were lovely and I can safely say that I have made a good few blogger friends.
Feel free to keep reading to take a look into Bloggers Love Fashion Week day 1!

|| Blazer - Primark || Jumpsuit - Miss Selfridge sample || Fluffy Bag - Topshop ||
|| Heels - Dune ||

I was unsure about the dress code so decided to go somewhere in between. This jumpsuit is another of my Miss Selfridge samples. You can't see here because I actually rolled the legs up but someone from the company cut a hole in it at the bottom of one of the legs (and a massive one at that!) and fair enough cause it was a sample, but I was pretty gutted when I realised! So it is actually supposed to be much longer. I went for the monochrome look (again!) and went with a white blazer to and small strappy white heels to be not too dressy yet not too casual!