20 October 2014

Knee High Booties

|| Dress - French Connection || Coat - Forever 21 || Boots - Missguided ||

I really didn't need these boots, but after a day of not feeling very well I had to do a bit of retail therapy to make me feel better. As soon as I saw these gorgeous knee high boots on the Missguided website I fell in love. They also have them in a fab navy colour which I actually thought looked better, but I thought I would stick to the safe option of black! Once again I am wearing monochrome (I don't know why I keep doing this because I have so much colour in my wardrobe!) I have been looking for a black coat for a while and in the process ended up buying loads of stuff I didn't need (oops) but the wait is over and I now have one! It is quite expensive for forever 21 at £59 but I haven't been able to find any nice longer ones anywhere, well, apart from extremely expensive ones from the likes of Topshop, which at the minute are a no go for me! 

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9 October 2014

Oversized Check

|| Coat - Primark || Top - Vintage || Skirt - Primark || Boots - H&M ||

So my pink hair is still here and to be honest it is actually really growing on me! It has started to fade since I took these photos but I am loving the selection of colours Bleach London has and I'm considering trying a few more out once the pink fully fades. This Coat was an absolute steal from Primark. I really needed a new black coat because, of course, they go with everything, but as soon as I saw this, I grabbed it and ran (for the till). It is THE perfect shape as I am loving anything oversized at the minute, I also love how it is slightly rounded at the shoulders due to the extended shoulder seam. Once again I am wearing my new (ish) H&M boots - I just love the, so much!! But as you may have also noticed, I am actually wearing no Miss Selfridge which means that this is a very special moment - they don't come around too often! You can't really see the skirt that I'm wearing here because the coat is hiding it, but feel free to keep reading to see more photos with the skirt visible. It is one of my favourites and always seems to find its self creep back into my blog every now and then. 

See you soon! 

6 October 2014


|| Coat - She Inside || Top - Topshop || Trousers* - Chiara || Shoes - Jeffery Campbell ||

Okay, so as you may be able to tell, I have pink hair which is incredibly strange. It isn't permanent though so its all good! I used Bleach London's semi-permanent hair dye in 'rose'. I don't think I could ever do it permanently though - too much of a wus! Now the weather is getting cooler, I have pulled my trusty mint She Inside coat from the back of my wardrobe, which was a regular on Smile at Style last winter. I thought it (along with my hair) would bring some colour into an otherwise neutral outfit. The trousers I am wearing have the most adorable geometric print and gather just the right amount at the ankle. As the trousers are the staple piece in the outfit, I worked around them and decided to go for a simple white crop (fyi it is only £10 now!) and my fave shoes in the world ever which I feel tie the outfit together and pick out the gray in the trousers. 

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2 October 2014

Metallics and Fur

|| Top* - Didi's Boutique || Faux Fur Gilet* - Miss Selfridge Sample || Trousers - Primark ||
|| Bag* - Nica || Shoes - Zara ||

LOVING this faux fur gilet I got from Miss Selfridge whilst on my placement! I have been absolutely itching to wear it so as soon as it felt a teeny bit chilly last week I popped it on and I can tell you that I have never felt so fabulous. Cruella Deville? I am loving the little speckles of gold that catch the light on my top, although it is a little bit too thick to wear at the moment - I learnt this the hard way! The bag I am wearing here is the bag that I won from Nica Handbags at Bloggers Fashion Week, it is such a nifty little bag. You can never loose anything in it as the zip goes through the length of the sides of the bag (if that makes any sense) so it basically opens up completely! 

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30 September 2014


|| Shirt - Zara || Skirt - Topshop (via eBay) || Boots - New Look || Bag - Motel Rocks ||

I am not sure whether this shirt has been on Smile at Style before as I have had it a while and I wear it loads! I always get compliments when I wear it and when I say that I bought it for £7 no one can believe it! It has a really silky feel to it and the print is just heavenly. I do apologise for the lighting in these photos, it was even a cloudy day so I don't know how on earth it got so bright! In the photo below, you cant even see my head, it is just a big ball of light! Anyway, on to the outfit again! I have definitely worn this skirt before, you may have seen it here a couple of weeks ago. Funny enough this post had really bad lighting too - I can see a trend starting and I don't like it. Camera training is necessary.    
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