15 February 2015

Leather midi

Dorothy Perkins Dress
French Connection bag
Forever 21 coat
H&M boots
New Look top
French Connection belt

I found this dress in the Dorothy Perkins sale about a month ago and absolutely fell in love, not just with the dress but with the £10 price tag. I have actually worn this exact outfit a couple of times now, every time deciding to wear the same top underneath to keep it both suitable for the weather and to keep it looking chic (aka no cleavage!). I naturally paired the maroon dress, like I do with most things I wear, with everything black in my wardrobe. I am getting better at not picking monochrome for an outfit post now too so hopefully this will leave a bit more variety! 

I hope you enjoyed this post!
See you next time

Laura x

Check |/|

As a strong believer in monochrome, I instantly fell in love with this poncho. 
As I have said before, and will likely say again, I don't believe that you can have enough monochrome in any wardrobe... it literally goes with everything! Lucky for my boyfriend, we spent valentines afternoon taking these photos on a secluded road near Carrington. We did meet a couple of friends though, I fell in love with one particular horsey. We did have quite a lot of fun taking these photos, which you will see at the end of the year in 'the photos that didn't make it in 2015' as I have already put a few to the side seen as though the 2014 version was such a success. After all, as I have said before, if you can't make blogging fun, then why do it? 
I decided to polish off the otherwise completely monochrome outfit with a pop of dusty pink in the form of this gorgeous French Connection bag and the Olivia Burton watch that I was given as a 21st gift from my Mum.

11 February 2015

21 Things I want to do whilst I am 21

Saturday marked 21 years since I arrived into this world and completely changed my parents lives forever. I don't know why the 21st birthday is known to be the milestone that it is, I can understand its significance in America with 21 being the age that you can drink etc... but I guess it is a nice tradition. In a way, I am feeling really nervous about turning 21. I feel exactly the same as I did as a 20 year old, but being '21' really scares me. I feel like it is finally time for me to turn into an adult, I still feel like I have the mental age of a 14 year old and I can now see graduation day in a year and a half getting extremely close, and then comes starting my career, saving for a house with Josh, hopefully getting a mortgage and finally saving for a wedding. All of this I am obviously very excited about, but I am still scared to say goodbye to my youth which contains no responsibilities and worries for the future. I do, however, have all of this to look forward to.

Normally people tend to write lists with the title '21 things to do before you are 21' but seen as though I was 21 on Saturday, that seems to be quite an impossible task! So I have decided to put together a list of things that I want to do whilst I am a 21 year old. Even though it feels quite scary and mature, I want to make the most of being 21 and make it a year to remember with lots of achievements, a year that I will be able to look back on with a smile.

I will be most definitely be looking back on this post to check if I have successfully completed these by the time I am 22!

1. Do a YouTube video and get past the fear of my own voice

2. Get a gym membership in the aim of being able to run for the bus without getting a stitch.

3. Go to a festival

4. Get out of my overdraft (Soz, bit boring this one but it needs to be done)

5. Get a first in at least one module when I go back to university in September

6. Meet Noel Gallagher (this is actually on my list of things to do in my whole life, not just while I'm 21)

7. Go to London Fashion week

8. Get to 1,000 followers on Bloglovin

9.  Do something for charity like race for life for example.

10. Learn to drive (probably never going to happen if I'm trying to get out of my overdraft!)

11. Start a journal

12. Read a book FOR FUN

13. Drink more water

14. Learn to balance my work/uni and social life well

15. Get super healthy

16. Make a new friend

17. Make the most out of being 21 (bit vague but what I mean is basically be young and stupid)

18. Go camping

19. Go on holiday with my friends

20. Start a design journal blog


2 February 2015

Sheer Stripe

Primark sheer top
Vintage Gap jeans
Topshop lace crop top
Forever 21 Coat
Converse sneakers

I was absolutely gutted the other day when my perfect hole-free jeans gradually formed the biggest hole you have possibly ever seen on a pair of jeans after a day of lifting boxes.I love these jeans too much to care though, nothings going to stop me from wearing them, I'll have to cut them into shorts if needs be! 
I love a little bit of sheer,I like how the stripes make add a little bit of modesty to the otherwise little racy number underneath. I think it would have been a little too much for the daytime if it were a fully sheer t-shirt, or if I wore nothing at all over it.

31 January 2015

London Photo Diary

As you may know, until just before Christmas I was living in London as part of my year in industry as a fashion intern. Although I am glad to be back, I had the most amazing time and miss it so much already! I am aware that over the period of 6 months that I stayed there, I didn't post about it as much as I wanted to. I have gathered all of my favourite photos and moments that I took on my camera whilst living there and though it would be a nice idea to put them all into a post as a 'photo diary'.
I have to warn you that it is an incredibly photo heavy post (but they are all great!)
I hope you enjoy and can get an idea of what it was like to live temporarily in London!

Laura x